Information for Contributors

- Our day is under development -
The design, range
and schedule of activities will be the result of what you bring to it.

Together we are creating a vibrant event that inspires people to care for their wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around them.

For safety, risk, and insurance purposes this is a council managed event, informed by a community working group.

Lodge your Expression of Interest now Google Form - Festival of Wellbeing Expression of Interest 2022 Closing Friday 26 August 2022.

Contact Leah Page Break O'Day Council on 0439 826 491 or

Some important information about the day

Our Festival theme is Wellbeing Conversations to elevate Awareness, Belonging and Connection. We are hoping to inspire open conversations, participation and making new connections.

Please help us create an atmosphere for open, inclusive, safe and welcoming opportunities and conversation.

Help us role-model wellbeing wisdom on the day. Be kind and generous with each other, show compassion to yourself and others, be brave, think positively and practice gratitude and healthy behaviours.

You can sell items that are related to your wellbeing activity. See more information below.

Some helpful tips

Promote positivity. Instead of asking, ‘How are you?’ Try asking, ‘What is making you feel good?’

Inclusiveness. Gender-neutral language helps everyone feel included. Instead of, ‘Hey Guys’ or ‘Ladies and Gents’. Try, ‘Everyone’ or ‘Folks’.

Have fun. We know it will be a busy day. Enjoy yourself and find time for things that are good for your wellbeing.

Self-Compassion. Remind yourself to feel comfortable in the flow of the day and take some time to pamper yourself during and afterwards.

Be brave. Try something new. Share and be open, be vulnerable - we are all here together sharing a new experience.

Event Details

Where: Bendigo Bank Community Stadium

Tully St, St Helens

When: Thursday 6 October

Gates open 11am-4pm

Set up from 8am

Contributors share and network 10-11am

Pack up from 4pm

What: Inside stage area for scheduled activities and announcements.

Outside activities and workshops.

Inside activities and workshops. Round tables or open spaces.

Quiet room available for scheduled activities.

Shared library of resources.

Interactive activities, demonstrations, come and try, supported conversations and showcases.

This is a FREE event and we ask that you provide a free wellbeing experience for our festival patrons. In addition, you can sell wares that are related to your wellbeing activity. Food vendors are not required to host an activity but must meet all registered food business requirements. We encourage you to provide healthy food options.