Wellbeing Wishes shared at 2021 Festival

Your Community Wishes

During the Festival the community was asked to write down their Wellbeing Wish for our community. These will be given to Break O'Day Council to consider with future Community Consultations.

We thought you'd like to know what they we're too! No surprise for the top wish :) 

27 x Swimming Pool (indoor aquatic centre) / Gym

18 x Dedicated Yoga/Pilates/Meditation space

8 x Love / respect / authenticity for community 

3 x Bat ball wall

1 x Squash court

1 x Art space

1 x Speed limit in Scamander 50km/hr

1 x Welcome committee for new residents of Break O'Day (bunch of flowers)

1 x Cycle way St Helens to Burns Bay

1 x Signed bus stops & bus shelters

1 x Fall in love with Jesus

1 x A hello day advertised

1 x Family Xmas tree in town to be decorated by community at Xmas 

1 x 18-25 social activities for people living with a disability 

1 x Community vaccination

1 x Adult dance classes - rock'n'roll